Grandma Pat's Party--2013

Another amazing Grandma Pat Christmas party, come and gone. We look forward every year to this opportunity to gather together and celebrate our family, as well as the holidays.

Because we’ve been doing this so often, there’s not much that I haven’t talked about before. It’s mostly the same thing every year—same place, same menu, same assignments, same schedule. Some come on Friday, the rest arrive on Saturday, and we wrap things up Sunday morning after breakfast. People come and go all weekend long, coming to as much as they can. We miss those who can’t make it, and love seeing those who can.

One of the highlights every year is definitely the family program. Grandma Pat always plays an inspiring video about the birth of Christ, we share talents and sing carols, and then end with the year-in-review slideshow. It’s fun to watch everyone react (the teenagers whoop and holler, the younger kids giggle and point) to the slides of the year’s highlights captured to share with everyone in the family.

The other highlight (for me at least) is the visiting—I love my family and this is the only time all year long that some of us are able to get together. Now that we’ve had the party and enjoyed a fun family tradition, I feel like Christmas can officially come!

Merry Christmas, everyone!