Wishing You a Happy Holiday!

Thought I’d check in really fast and wish  you all a happy holiday. Our Christmas was pretty nontraditional and very low key. Typically we have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner at home with family. . . we did have a family dinner this year, but it was at a restaurant (no cooking, no dishes—a win for everybody!). Christmas Day we hung around all day in PJs and sweats (hence, no photos). . . Christmas dinner was frozen pizza and green salad. Can you get less traditional? But again, low key, no prep. A win!

We’re anticipating the rest of the holidays to be equally unplanned, low key, and enjoyable. We’re working on on some photo albums, catching a few movies, and just taking it easy. Basically we’re in denial—we know the first of the year is coming all too quickly, and then it will be time to get serious about eating healthy and exercising, preparing for Leadership, and getting back to work again.

But for now, a few more days of the holidays. . .

I hope your Christmas was enjoyable and that the rest of your holidays are full of fun, love, peace, and joy!