Sara on TODAY

Note: Stampin’ Up! was  invited to appear on The TODAY Show again this year as part of the show’s annual Holiday Toy Drive. We’ve donated as part of a group of DSA companies for years, and we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to be represented. I’ve been several times, and last year, it was Sara’s turn. She went again this year, and I am so proud of her! I invited her to share the experience. . .

Like Mom said, this wasn’t my first appearance on the TODAY Show, and it was nice that this time wasn’t as nerve wracking as last year. It felt a little more familiar and comfortable. . . I knew where to go, who I would be talking to and meeting with, the way things would go down. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous—I was PLENTY nervous! I don’t know how you can’t be when you’re on live TV (there’s always the possibility of bombing it), but it definitely felt better than last year.

It was fun to chat with everyone. I even got to do a little sales pitch for our kits off camera when I was chatting with Kathie Lee and Hoda about how people like to make things that are quick and easy.

The actual appearance was short and sweet (click here to check it out), and afterwards, I thought of all the things I wanted to say and didn’t get to mention, and then overanalyzed the things I did say, and basically just had a little emotional letdown. But that’s probably pretty typical for anybody who has that kind of an opportunity.

I was especially excited about the gifts we gave this year—some scrapbooking kits and stamp sets that I think kids can really have fun creating with. As part of our 25th anniversary, we’ve focused on making a difference this year more than ever before. As a company, we’ve donated approximately $1.5 million worth of product this year to different organizations—not to mention the personal efforts of our demonstrators all around the world who have been supporting various causes of their own choice. Ending the year with our annual TODAY Show Toy Drive donation (which was more than $650,000 worth of product this year) was an ideal way to cap off our celebration of 25 years of making a difference!