A Downline Overnighter

Sara had her first-ever downline overnight activity. We’ve been talking about it forever but never actually made it happen. . . but last night, it happened! Not everyone could make it, but those who did had a blast!

We met for dinner, then headed up to the cabin. The only agenda was BYOP—Bring Your Own Project. All we did all night was chat and work on our projects—and I do mean all night. Or at least most of the night. I stayed up longer than I have for ages, and they all stayed up much later than me!

This morning we woke up—quite late, of course—and had breakfast, then headed home. It was a simple event, not elaborate or fancy. But it was VERY fun!

I’m grateful that Sara involves me in her group. She’s been a demonstrator for years, and although her downline is small, she’s been very committed since she came back to Utah to having regular meetings. I’ve loved getting to know her downline and being part of the group!