A Grand Gardner Grand

This weekend was a grand weekend to be sure!

We continued our annual tradition of the Gardner Grand, a weekend spent with all of the Gardner grandchildren who are eight years of age or older. We’ve been doing this for several years, and it’s a highlight for Sterling and me! And when we asked the kids what one thing they would change about the Gardner Grand, our 15-year-old grandson Tanner said, “Make it a day longer!” And if our teenager grandson feels that way, hopefully that means all the kids look forward to spending time with us as much as we enjoy spending time with them—definitely a grandparent payday!

We picked up everyone on Friday, went to dinner, stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies for the weekend, then headed to the cabin. One thing we did differently this year was rent a large van so we could all travel together instead of traveling in two cars, and that was a great idea! We ended up spending several hours traveling to various activities, and that time spent all together in the car was wonderful; we had great conversations with everybody participating and nobody missing out! The kids definitely liked that. . .

Saturday we enjoyed our annual service project—this year we made four-leaf clovers (found this fun idea online here) for the residents of a nearby assisted living center and then delivered the gifts and visited with the residents. Definitely a wonderful experience for all of us!

We spent the afternoon swimming in an indoor community swimming pool. The kids spent more than two hours in the pool playing around while Sterling and I enjoyed watching them have contests jumping off the high dive and going down the waterslide.


Both evenings were spent playing games, eating treats, and watching a movie.

This morning we got up earlier—earlier than we would probably have liked—packed up, cleaned up, and made it to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s “Music and the Spoken Word” Sunday morning presentation. Afterwards, we had a breakfast brunch and then took the kids home. . .hopefully feeling as wonderful as Sterling and I felt!

This really is a delightful tradition, and I think it’s so valuable for our grandchildren to spend time together. We love seeing them getting along so well and creating amazing memories that they will treasure their entire lives! Having the cabin was great as well—it was more cozy and comfortable than the hotel.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Gardner Grand—and three more grandchildren joining the group! The more the merrier. . .