Welcome Home, Liam

The past week and a half has been hectic—more than a week ago, Liam was admitted to the hospital with RSV. After a few days of not responding to treatment, he was Life Flighted (along with mama Shanna) to Primary Children’s Hospital.  He had a tough time and took quite awhile to respond, but yesterday he finally came home! We all are breathing much easier (no pun intended), and it’s wonderful to have the Bridegan family all together again under the same roof!

Shanna stayed with him most of the time, while Jared was pretty much a single dad taking care of Abigail. I got to spend lots of baby cuddling time with Abigail while Jared went to school, and I made daily trips to the hospital to cuddle with Liam too. I was very grateful the entire time that Jared and Shanna live close enough that we could help out!

Abigail and Liam missed each other; it was heartwarming to see them reunite after almost two weeks apart. We showed them pictures of each other every day and did Facetime a few times but that clearly wasn’t enough—they are happy to be back together again. There is definitely something special between twins. . .