My Favorite Day of All Time

My granddaughter Sidney had a great opportunity last weekend, and I asked her to share her experience with you. This is a pretty personal blog, but most of my blogs are! Since my blog is pretty much my journal, I hope you understand. . .

Every year our church has a meeting for young women ages 12-18 and their leaders and mothers. The meeting is in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, and it’s broadcast around the world. Each year a different group of young women sing, and this year, a group from our area was invited to sing, and I got to be part of the group!

It was amazing! They asked us to do a lot as we prepared. We learned five different songs, and we memorized the words and the parts; I tried to listen to the CD they gave us every day. Because we were singing so many songs, we knew we would be on the camera a lot and we wanted people to know how we felt about the Savior just by looking at our faces. Because of that, our leaders asked us to read our scriptures and pray every morning and night and work on making good choices so we’d have the Spirit with us.

I have to say it was hard. I was so busy with school and stuff that sometimes I would forget to pray or read my scriptures. But every week, our director would tell us that if we forgot, we could start again and just keep trying. We didn’t have to be perfect, we just had to be trying our best.

We practiced every Sunday for six weeks, and the practices were two and a half hours! Each week the director would teach us something about the songs that we were singing. She wanted us to have our own testimonies of the songs and believe for ourselves that the words of the songs were true, so we looked deeper into the meanings of the songs.

Saturday we left at 11 in the morning and didn’t get home until 9:30, so it was a long day. During the day we practiced and had a devotional and stuff. They told us that young women around the world were praying for us. When we finally walked into the room it was insane—everything we had been working toward came together, and it was awesome. There was such a strong spiritual feeling. . . a lot of the girls got emotional. That day was incredible, probably my favorite day of all time!

If you want to watch the broadcast, click here. I was on camera a couple of times; see if you can pick me out (I’m wearing an orange cardigan)!

I’ve definitely changed. I’m more aware of what I’m listening to now, and I’m starting to realize that some of the music I listen to isn’t the best! I try to choose music that makes me happy.  I’m also in the habit of praying and reading the scriptures. I feel way better now. It just makes me feel better to be doing the stuff that I know helps me have the Spirit with me all the time. I love that feeling!