A Home Office Regional (with catalog release date correction!)

NOTE:  I am so sorry! I put the wrong date on this post earlier today and have created some confusion. The catalog will be online on April 24. . . this Wednesday. I'm so sorry! I've changed it now. . . please spread the word that I made a mistake!


We wrapped up a regional unlike any other regional this weekend—our first-ever home office regional. What a fun and different environment!

The Main Stage was set up in the Distribution Center, with pallet racking in the background and conveyor belts overhead. Make & Takes and tables were set up in the atrium, and displays were in our two Training Rooms. The store (yes, I said store—more on that later) was also in the Distribution Center.

The excitement at the regional was awesome! When Sara and I arrived at the home office at about 7:30 a.m., demonstrators were already lined up waiting to get inside, and the regional didn’t start until 9! And that enthusiasm only increased once everyone got inside and the morning session started!

Besides being in the home office, a couple of other things that set this regional apart was the chance to be the first to see—and BUY—new product. (Hence, the store.) The new catalog is unveiled to our demonstrators online on WEDNESDAY, so we felt like this weekend was the perfect opportunity to have a regional that focused almost exclusively on new products.

We had a full house—I think about 375 demonstrators. . . as many as our fire code would allow! Demonstrators came from all over North America (I think I heard we had demonstrators from more than 20 states and provinces)  to enjoy presentations that featured new product and inspiring project ideas, as well as receive a new catalog, and at the end of the day, actually buy some of the new products. No wonder the energy was so high, right?

Usually I show the regional project that I demonstrated, but because the projects featured new product and we aren’t allowed to show any new products OR projects featuring new products until after the catalog is released, I’ll have to wait to share my project until later. All the demonstrators at the regional were sworn to secrecy as well, promising they’d follow the same guidelines, so you shouldn’t be seeing any project or products or the catalog itself. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait very long!

Several demonstrators asked if this home office regional was going to become an annual event. I don’t know the answer to that yet, but I know if it was, I’d definitely be there! It was fabulous, and I loved every minute of it!