Spring Baskets

Last weekend we gave our grandchildren some Easter/spring baskets, and even though it’s a few days after the fact, I still wanted to share them. I actually shared a version of these baskets earlier, and originally I had planned to make those baskets for all the grandkids, but then—surprise, surprise—reality hit, and I had to simplify a little. (I’m sure none of you can identify with that!) So these are the baskets we ended up giving, a little bit quicker and easier and much more realistic, given everything on my to-do list.

We try to give the grandkids little gifts for most major holidays, and these are one of my favorites ever! We wanted to focus on Easter and spring and new life and growth, and we got it right with these! We gave each grandchild a biodegradable pot, a packet of seeds, and a few goodies. (I’m not a fan of sugary goodies for grandchildren, but I think we’d have pretty disappointed grandchildren if there weren’t any.) The pots are biodegradable, so you can put them right in the garden when it’s time to plant them outside, so we told the grandchildren to take good care of their plant because we’ll be replanting them all in the Gardner Family garden in a few weeks.

In addition, we gave each family a few of our favorite books: The Continuous Atonement and The Continuous Conversion (both by Brad Wilcox), Believing Christ by Stephen Robinson, and The Golden Rule by Ilene Cooper, a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book.