A Conference Cabin Weekend

Every six months our church has what we call General Conference, where our leaders talk to all the members all over the world. The meetings are broadcast over the Internet, and everyone watches at home instead of attending at their different meetinghouses (pajama church!).

We thought it was a great weekend to get away to our cabin, and we invited any of the kids to join us. The Hoops and Browns took us up on the invitation, and we had a great, relaxing weekend watching church meetings and snuggling with the grandchildren.

We have a rule whenever the grandchildren stay overnight—you’re free to come jump into Grandpa and Grandma’s bed any time AFTER 7 a.m. Every morning we were at the cabin, Sterling and I would be talking quietly in bed and, right on time, we’d hear the patter of little feet running toward our bedroom and one by one, tiny little (and not so little) bodies would tumble into bed with us. “It must be after 7 a.m.,” one of us would say.

At one point, we had all five of the little ones in bed with us—that didn’t last long, of course. Sterling and I slipped out pretty fast. . . it was just too crowded. But what a great way to start the day! And then, to move from hugging little ones right to good food to watching TV and being spiritually strengthened and fed meant that the entire weekend was amazing!

I loved listening to our leaders, and the kids were pretty quiet as well. They each had packets that they’d gotten in Primary, and every time one of the leaders got up to talk, they took notes and put stickers under the photo of the leader speaking. I took notes too! I loved lots of the talks, but I think my favorite was Elder Jeffery Holland; he’s always a favorite. He talked about faith and focusing on the positive rather than negative. Other leaders talked about everything from the importance of marriage to obedience to finding peace in today’s world.

I’ve always loved General Conference weekends, and I love them even more at the cabin!