Best Mother's Day Weekend Ever!

Yesterday morning I woke up and lay in bed, thinking back over the great weekend we’d had so far.

“Best Mother’s Day ever,” was my first thought.

“And I didn’t take one picture—gosh darn it!” was my second thought.

Then I thought, “Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. This post will just have to be a thousand words, because I want to remember this weekend!”

Just kidding about the thousand words—I won’t write nearly that many! But I do want to remember this weekend, and even without pictures, I can do that with a few shared thoughts.

I think the weekend was so good because all the girls and their families were together, and that hasn’t happened for a long time. Mom Pat even joined us. Earlier last week, Sterling and I had taken a drive up the canyon and seen families gathered together around campfires, and we texted the girls and said, “Let’s Dutch Oven this weekend!” We try to do that every year, but it usually ends up being later in the year. This year we decided there’s no time like the present, which just happened to be Mother’s Day weekend.

We headed up to the cabin on Thursday, and a few of the kids joined us then, but on Friday, everyone was together for at least a few hours. The weather was gorgeous, so warm that we actually went swimming in the outdoor community pool, organized target practice, played games, and enjoyed papercrafting. We had Dutch Over dinner, with each of the girls bringing a side dish. And then I got to open my Mother’s Day gifts (again, no photo!)—a cute maxi skirt and some antique horse ribbons and riding trophies. The girls know I want to decorate our bedroom at the cabin in neutral colors and with a horse theme, so they’re helping me get started. . .such a thoughtful, personal gift. I felt loved!

On Saturday we got home in time to take in a yoga class, go riding in the afternoon, and settle in Saturday night. As we were trying to decide what groceries we needed to get for Sunday dinner, Megan invited us for dinner! Sweet! They ended up having a fabulous BBQ and a yummy dessert. (Can you tell great food makes great memories for me? Smile)

Anyway—like I said, best Mother’s Day weekend ever! And not a photo taken. But I’ll definitely remember it anyway! Hope you all had a great weekend too!