Starting the Day with Freddy the Frog and Kona

Sterling and I spent a wonderful morning watching Kona in his first-grade play. It was the cutest elementary school play I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen several!)—there were songs and dances, and every child had a part. I was impressed because it was almost an hour long, and those first-graders were engaged the entire time. . . they loved what they were doing.

The play was called “Once Upon a Lily Pad,” and was the story of Freddy the Frog, who didn’t think he was important or had value. He went around visiting all the creatures in the pond, who helped him recognize how important and valuable he was. Just adorable!

In addition to Freddy, there were fireflies and fish and alligators and all sorts of fun insects and animals, each with a simple but darling costume. Kona was an otter, and Makai wanted ears just like his big brother! (I snagged a few close-up photos but didn’t get any of the show itself because I don’t get great long-distance photos with my phone.)

We were glad that Sage invited us to come, and we were very proud of Kona! Great way to start the day!