A Rainy Spring Game

The season for watching children’s (and grandchildren’s) spring sports games has begun! We went to one of Sidney’s lacrosse games this morning and enjoyed watching her play. I was impressed—she was fast and good and looked like she was loving it!

The weather this morning wasn’t great—we were wet and chilled by the end of the first game, even though we brought an umbrella. Sid played two games in a row, but we didn’t stay for both games . . . we did find out her team won both games, though, and even more importantly, she enjoyed it!

I spent most of the rest of the day preparing for our South Pacific Convention--we leave tomorrow. Not sure if I'll blog before I get back. . . I won't make any promises, so if I do it will be a pleasant surprise! Either way, I'll definitely be sharing how our first 25th Anniversary Convention of the year goes when I come back!