A South Pacific Celebration

Sterling and I returned from our South Pacific Convention yesterday. . . best one yet! After every event, we always review and evaluate and talk about what we could do differently and how we can improve next time. And there are always some things, of course, but I have to say that this convention was fabulous—and I think our demonstrators agreed!

From beginning to end, the convention had a great feeling to it. . . definitely a celebration! We asked our Events team to make this year especially memorable, and as always, they  exceeded our expectations! The group was the largest we’ve ever had. . . almost 700 attendees, and everyone was so enthusiastic.

We had our first-ever South Pacific after party. We’re too big now to have dinner together, so after our Awards Night, we partied. The treats were yummy, the music was great, and the demonstrators were dancing all over the place! In fact, there were so many demonstrators dancing, they filled the dance floor and then some. . . I even danced once!

Our general sessions and classes were inspiring; I attended every one and learned something in each one. Our presenters, both demonstrators and staff, were wonderful; they prepared well, were entertaining and professional, and their information was timely and invaluable.

As always, visiting and seeing our demonstrators was amazing! I mentioned in our Managers’ Event how much I look forward to seeing everyone, both familiar faces whom I’ve seen at past events as well as new faces of family members who have joined us for the first time. I love our South Pacific demonstrators and am so grateful for their gracious, enthusiastic, and professional support! (I’m excited to see a few of them, along with our European demonstrators,  in less than two months when we welcome them to Utah for their incentive trip!)

Even after the last general session, nobody was ready to leave. We watched the convention highlights video, had our last giveaway, and said good-bye. Everyone stood up, clapping and cheering, and that’s when they generally head out the door. But not this time. Even after several long days, lots of fun, and tons of excitement, our demonstrators still had energy left over, and they didn’t want to leave.

We typically take a staff photo after convention. After demonstrators leave, we gather on the stage, take a photo, then tear down the show and head home. Working together at convention is like a family reunion in a way; we come together from all parts of the world once a year and spend a few days together, loving what we do and sharing it with our demonstrators, and I love the staff photo to remember it. This year, we gathered on the stage for the photo, and all the demonstrators waved and clapped and took their own photos. We all waved good-bye again, then waited for them to file out.

They still weren’t ready to go.

We ended up being the ones to leave first. After all, we did have to start tearing down!

It was definitely a great celebration—and I can hardly wait for our North America and Europe conventions!

A quick note: In case you’re wondering where my projects are, I actually did a little something special this year—25 projects, one to celebrate every year Stampin’ Up! has been around! That’s an awfully lot of projects, so I’ll be sharing those with you, a few at a time, over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!