Fiji's To Do List--Nothing!

If there was ever an incentive trip where people talked about loving the opportunity to relax, Fiji was that trip! This past week has been a wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful weather, tropical scenery, visiting with some of the greatest people on earth, and a to-do list with nothing on it!

I won’t go into great detail—many demonstrators blogged about the Fiji incentive trip all week long, so there are plenty of stories out there. But I wanted to recap the highlights for Sterling and I, and just to remember a nice week in my life.

For us, the highlight was definitely the service project. We planned an optional half-day service project for any demonstrators who wanted to participate, and approximately 200 demonstrators and guests joined us at a Fiji hospital and orphanage, providing valuable work. We went to the hospital and sanded, painted, did yard work, and other general clean-up chores. A smaller group went to the orphanage and folded laundry, read to kids,  and papercrafting (a huge hit!). Loved the opportunity to turn our yearlong “Making a Difference for 25 Years” theme into action!

Another highlight was our final event—an evening to remember that began with a group of Fiji warriors escorting us to dinner and entertainment, which included a children’s chorus and fire dancers.

Our opening event was also great. . . we got to welcome everyone to Fiji (Bula!), plus hand out copies of the new catalog as well as free products!

Other than that, Sterling and I stuck pretty close to the food and pool . . . my favorite place for more reasons than the obvious! (smile) We know that on an incentive trip, we can always find demonstrators simply relaxing around the pool.

Of course, we don’t have many photos of the pool lounging. Even though that’s where we spent most of our time, we’re smart enough to know that most people don’t want to have photos of themselves wearing bathing suits plastered on blogs . . . so we just enjoyed the relaxing and visiting.

The beauty of an incentive trip is that you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Many of our demonstrators traveled halfway around the world and didn’t feel the need to travel any farther, simply loving every minute of doing nothing! Others traveled halfway around the world and wanted to see everything there was to see, so there were plenty of demonstrators coming and going on excursions as well. And many demonstrators and their guests did a little bit of both.

Thanks to all our demonstrators who achieved this fabulous trip—I enjoyed spending the week with you  and your guests!