Favorite Vacation of the Year!

Just about everyone in our family agrees—Lake Powell is the best vacation ever! And this year has to be one of the best of the best! I blog about our days on the lake every year, so I won’t bore you with many details (I’ve got lots of photos though!). . . I’ll just focus on what made this year stand out. 

The first thing that comes to mind—NO WIND! That’s a first! We almost always have a little wind, and sometimes we have quite a bit of wind, even to the point of being dangerous. Not this year! It was fabulous not to have to worry about the wind whipping up and creating problems; I know that’s always something that Sterling and the boys stress about, so we loved that this year wind didn’t even enter the picture.

Our grandchildren are getting older, which means a few things were different. While the menu items remain the same, the quantity sure did increase! I was amazed at how much food we went through—we’re definitely feeding some growing bodies.

Shanna and Jared and the twins didn’t come—we definitely missed them, but understood why they chose not to come. The twins are little but mobile—and fast! Two-year-old Makai was the youngest grandchild there, and we still had to keep our eyes on him, but watching one child is sure different than watching a dozen! The others were all old enough and good enough swimmers that, while we kept them in sight, we didn’t have to be nearly as vigilant as in years past.

Because the grandchildren are older, they were going pretty much all the time. There was always someone on a wave runner or in a boat pulling a water skier or bumbuster! Because of some healthy cousin competition, pretty much everyone got up on skis or took turns wake boarding—even some adults who in the past have pretty much been spectators got in the act!

It was hotter than normal, so we spent a LOT of time in the water! Even I got more sun and swimming in than normal—and I loved every minute of it!

The trip felt more relaxing, probably because of all the things I just mentioned! We enjoyed visiting, popping popcorn and watching movies in the evening, just relaxing and enjoying each others’ company. My only complaint? It ended way too soon! I’m already looking forward to next year. . .