Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

I read a comment on my blog recently where someone said, in essence, thanks for always sharing the best of what’s happening in your life. I do focus on the positive here on my blog—and that makes sense to me. Like everybody else, I struggle—life can be hard. Those struggles can range from simple, everyday nuisances to some pretty serious struggles, but most often they are very personal and not necessarily things I choose to blog about. And I try to stay positive, even when life is difficult.

That said, I have been struggling with one of those everyday nuisances that I thought I would share. Several months ago—not sure exactly when—my shoulder and upper arm began hurting when I moved certain ways. It bothered me at yoga, when I was riding. . . all sorts different things. I knew I had to do something, so last week I started intense muscle work, which is somewhat similar to sports injury therapy. . . although I like to call it massage on steroids.

But don’t let the word massage fool you. Oh, no! This is definitely not massage like most of the world knows it! This is painful; I told the therapist it reminded me of labor, the pain was so intense. I have to lay there on the table and breathe through the pain, just like I did when I had my babies. She told me she hears that analogy a lot!

The treatment is based on the theory that, at some point the muscles were injured, and they compensated by working differently than they are supposed to. Now, that compensation has created its own set of problems, so this muscle work is designed to retrain the muscles to work properly.

My upper arm is bruised and painful to the touch, and I have moments when I wonder if the cure is worse than the disease, but after three treatments, I’m starting to see and feel a difference. . . I can actually hold my arm over my head now! I’m thinking it’s one of those instances where short-term pain is worth the long-term gain, and I’m just grateful for options—and improvement!