What a Party!

What a fabulous, fun 25th-anniversary party!

We had a wonderful time. I don’t want to try to capture everything, because as soon as I start mentioning specifics, I’m sure I’ll forget someone and something important. But everything from the decor and entertainment to the presenters and prize patrols (WAY MORE than we’ve ever had before—every demonstrator received a prize patrol PLUS four all-attendee giveaways), Convention 2013 was amazing!

I had talked before about how we were going to change things up for this event, and I was tickled pink at the new and innovative things that were planned—I thought our staff did a great job! We didn’t do everything perfectly, and we’ll be relying on surveys and feedback as we plan for next year’s convention, but it was definitely a wonderful 25th-anniversary celebration.

We had almost-6,000 demonstrators and guests (even some from our international markets) join us; we honored the 25 demonstrators in attendance who have been with us the longest. We set a world record and participated in a service project and danced and sang karaoke and recognized high-achieving demonstrators and watched great presentations and tried new products. . . and on and on. I won’t go into any more detail—I’ll let the photos (and there are a LOT!) do the talking—but thanks to all for the fun time!