End-of-Summer BBQ Fun

We celebrated our annual summer BBQs at the home office and Kanab facility this week. . . always a highlight for me for so many reasons! Love spending time with such wonderful people who work so hard to make Stampin’ Up! a success.

At both BBQs, I looked around and watched everyone playing volleyball and lawn games and eating and visiting and I felt so grateful to be able to work with these people.

At Riverton, I sat under the same tree next to the same employee I’ve sat next to for years. We chatted about how much we appreciate this annual tradition that allows us to connect every once in awhile. I know others feel the same way. . .

I also enjoyed the opportunity to drive to our Kanab facility with other corporate team members. . . a four-hour drive with nothing to do but chat. We discussed business, of course, but we also got to catch up personally. Again. . . how thankful I am to be surrounded by amazing individuals who are so dedicated to what Stampin’ Up! is all about.

And our summer BBQ traditional is definitely a great way to wrap up a fun summer!