Three Years Running

We (Sterling and I, along with our adult children) went to Cabo again this year—third year in a row. That makes it a tradition, right? And it’s one we look forward to. It always comes at the perfect time. . . end of a busy summer, wonderful convention, start of a new school year. . . the ideal time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate, which is exactly what we did this year.

Actually, there’s hardly anything worth blogging about. Nobody wanted to take pictures (who can blame them. . . we were in our swimsuits almost the entire time), everybody did their own thing (most of us read lots and lots of books—thank goodness for Kindles), and we gathered together for dinner every night to eat, touch base, and share the day's adventures (or lack thereof).

But, since my blog is pretty much my personal history, I didn’t want to not mention it at all. So here are a few photos; I asked each of the kids to send me whatever they had taken while they were out and about. Already looking forward to next year. . .