Back-to-School Moment

The kids have been asking to rider the horses for months, so we invited everyone over for a back-to-school BBQ, swimming, and horseback rides. Some of the older kids were a little disappointed that they didn’t have full rein, but they were good sports about us leading them around the field. We explained that our horses are bred for speed and endurance, and they probably weren’t quite ready for a full gallop. We also discovered that a few of the kids are more allergic than we knew. . . good thing we had Benadryl on hand.

It was great to have everyone there. . . as our family gets bigger and the grandkids get older, getting together is harder. I’m not whining; I realize it’s just reality. But it makes those moments when we are together that much more memorable.

Most of the grandkids are excited for school to start. . . some of the moms are and others not so much. I just watch it happen, understanding more and more that times flies by and there’s nothing we can do about it but enjoy every moment as fully as we can.

That’s why back-to-school BBQs—and other times spent with loved ones—are so precious. . .