Our HCT Tradition

Tonight we went to Hale Center Theatre and saw what I think has to be my favorite HCT show ever—Tarzan! Hale always does a great job, of course, but this production I particularly loved. It was simple, easy to follow, engaging and entertaining. . . just fabulous.

The last few shows we’ve all gone together as a Gardner family, and we’ve definitely got a new tradition going. Before the show we eat together at a place across the street. . . that way we only have to park once. Tonight we got done a few minutes early, so we had time for the kids to run around and get their wiggles out; we also took a quick photo with Grandpa and Grandma. Most of us made it tonight, and we missed those who couldn’t be there.

Afterwards, as we left we got to tell the performers how great they did. Phoebe wanted a photo with Tarzan and Jane, and when Jane mentioned she thought Tarzan was strong enough to hold her, Phoebe was thrilled. . . adorable!

We’ve already decided next year we’ll be going to Mary Poppins. . . can’t wait!