I'm Home. . .

Those are words I’ve been looking forward to writing for days, and I thought I’d feel a lot better when I finally wrote them. But coming home has been a long, exhausting adventure, and I’m worn out! I actually got home last night, but struggled most of the day yesterday with dizziness and nausea, so just didn’t feel up to blogging last night. I thought I’d feel better today, but unfortunately, I’m still dizzy and sick. Feeling a little better today. . . or maybe learning to cope with it better.

The doctor says it may be related to the accident (crystals in my inner ear getting displaced) or may be a germ that’s going around (a friend mentioned that she knew of several people complaining of the same symptoms) or simply vertigo.

Regardless, he’s not worried. . . just another hurdle to get over.

I had thought I’d post a photo of me in my digs (hospital bed in the middle of our living room) but that’s not happening tonight. Just not feeling up to it.

Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I am thrilled to be home. . .better view, better bed, and closer to people I love. I’ll take it. . . even with the spinning room.