New in 2013 Creative Challenge

Because of this accident, it's taken me a little longer to post the winners for the New in 2013 Creative Challenge. I appreciate your patience--and your willingness to share your projects with me! What wonderful ideas you all had. . .I'm not stamping right now, but I definitely have some great inspiration to look at when I'm ready.

Also I noticed that someone asked about winners of a previous challenge. I sure thought I'd posted all the winners, so I'm going to do a little homework and see what I can find. If I missed posting one of the creative challenges, I'll definitely be doing a long-overdue winner announcement soon!

Congratulations to the winners, who all receive a free stamp set of their choice from a current publication! Woo hoo!

July 10--Lori Rider

Click here to see Lori's Thoughts of You Bring Smiles card.

July 14--Ashley Marostica

Click here to see Ashley's gift tags.

July 15--Margaret Raburn

Click here to see Margaret's Happy Birthday pansy card.

July 15--Vanessa Farkas

Click here to Vanessa's Thinking of You card.