Incredibly Blessed. . .

I’ve enjoyed a quiet, reflective day—it’s been wonderful!

I have missed being with our Founder’s Circle achievers this weekend. . . Sara is there and will be guest blogging about the event. I’ve been thinking about those wonderful women a lot these past few days and hoping they are feeling pampered and appreciated!

I have also been thinking about how incredibly grateful I feel. I continue to improve, and while things are still difficult and I move slowly and tire easily, I am so aware of how blessed I am. I will recover from my injuries. . . many others who suffer serious accidents deal with lifelong challenges and permanent changes.

 I spent some time last night reading the many, many cards I’ve received from so many of you around the world, and I was touched to the point of tears at the expressions of love, support, and concern that I’ve received. It’s been three and a half weeks since my accident, and people are still thinking of me, reaching out to me, expressing their encouragement . . . if my recovery were determined by the love I felt from those who surround me, I would be completely healed by now!

Last year I was amazed at the power of cards as so many of you sent me birthday greetings for my big 5-0. I have been reminded again how powerful a heartfelt (and handmade in most instances) greeting can brighten a day . . . I love being part of a community that understands the difference a card can make! Thank you to everyone who took the time (and who is still taking the time—cards are still arriving) to let me know they are thinking of me.