Founder's Circle 2013

Note: Because I was unable to attend Founder’s Circle, I asked Sara to guest blog—here’s her report. Also, most of the photos are from the last night; we had a hard disk problem and were unable to retrieve photos taken from the other events. Sorry wasn't able to show photos from all events, but enjoy the one of the entire group plus our last event.

Got back yesterday from Founder’s Circle—what a blast!

I’ve attended Founder’s Circle before, but this one was a little bit different without Mom. We missed her. I always enjoy talking to demonstrators, and this year I especially wanted to visit with as many demonstrators as possible and make sure everyone felt appreciated and valued. Since there were more than 100 demonstrators, that meant I was pretty busy! But it was a good busy!

I arrived on Wednesday and jumped right in, chatting with demonstrators over lunch and welcoming them all to the event. The theme was cowboy chic, and Mom had been particularly excited about that so we took lots of pictures and I’ll make sure she sees them!

Thursday was kind of a hang-out day. . . I spent a lot of time at the Horseshoe Lounge, chatting with demonstrators. While visiting was definitely the high point of the day, I have to admit the treats were amazing too! There was a great combination of healthy and yummy; we even got to make our own trail mix! We also had lots of fun with Make & Takes, which featured sneak peek products.

Thursday night was our share & swap night, which we did a little differently this year. We gave each Founder’s Circle achiever the book “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton Christensen, and then invited three demonstrators to share their thoughts with us. The discussion was touching and inspiring, and I think it was a great way to reinforce how important it is for our demonstrators to know what matters most to them and be able to fit in Stampin’ Up! where it makes the most sense. Of course, the evening ended on a high with everyone exchanging swaps (Mom and I always do one swap together, which I handed out. . .she had signed every one with her left hand!) and homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Friday was our Kanab day; we did that a little differently too. We split into two groups, took a tour of the facility, stamped more Make & Takes, and ate with employees. After that, most of us spent the evening at Tuacahn, where we watched a great production of “Mary Poppins.” (Tuacahn always does a fantastic job!) The theme of the play had a lot to do with priorities and balance as well, and several demonstrators asked me if we’d planned it that way. Not on purpose, but it was a nice coincidence.

Saturday was another casual day, with lots of free time. Some demonstrators went shopping, sightseeing, or on other fun adventures, while others stayed pretty close to the hotel and pool, just relaxing. The Horseshoe Lounge was busy too. In the evening, we dressed up in our cowboy chic getup and spent the evening wrapping things up at the Staheli Family Farm with lots of fun western-themed activities (corn mazes, wagon rides, archery, Bingo, horseshoes, roping station, petting zoo, cow milking, etc.) It was great! Everyone had the opportunity to win free prizes (more free product), then we ended the evening with a tasty Dutch Oven dinner and Hired Guns, a two-man cowboy band.

I think what I loved most about Founder’s Circle was the chance to visit with these amazing demonstrator leaders on a very personal level. . . get to know them better and find out what we can do to better help them. I appreciated the honest conversations I had and the chance to communicate with them about what they were thinking, as well as what we are thinking. I also saw the value of them rubbing shoulders with each other, talking and sharing ideas, inspiring each other, and learning from each other.

It really was an amazing few days, and I hope everyone returned home feeling renewed, spoiled, and thanked—because we definitely appreciate these women and everything that they do!