Tanner's Man Card

Note: My oldest grandson, Tanner, went to his first school dance tonight—Homecoming—with his good friend Madi. He was telling me how he asked her and I asked him to share the story with you.

Madi lives in our neighborhood, and we’ve been friends for a long time. She comes over sometimes and has my mom do her hair (Mom’s a stylist and has a salon in our house). A few weeks ago, I was listening to her and my mom talk while she was getting her hair done, and she found out that I didn’t have my driver’s license yet. She started giving me a hard time, telling me that not having a driver’s license was like not having a man card. I kidded around with her, but I have to admit our conversation was a little motivation for me to think about getting my license.

That’s the first part of the story.

The second part is that when I found out she hadn’t been asked to homecoming yet, I decided to ask her. My dad went commando on it, bringing out the “Dude, You’re Welcome Kit.”  There’s this sticker in the kit that says “Official Man Card,” so it worked perfectly. I wrote a note saying, “I know I don’t have my driver’s license, but here’s my man card!” We put it on a lanyard and everything. It was perfect.

She replied by putting caution tape on my front door and string all over the yard, then hiding a note that said, “Sorry for stringing you along. I would love to go to homecoming with you.”

So, I’m going to the dance with her tonight. I’m not driving, of course. . . but I’m working on it!