I'll Be Darned. . .

Some days the sun does come up in the East!

I hadn’t planned on blogging for a few days so I’d have plenty to report on, but today was a good day and I just wanted to share it.

There’s not much to say other than Shelli went through all four of her different physical therapy sessions, and she was AWESOME! She was tired but not exhausted, hurting but not excruciating. She made significant improvements—yesterday she walked 12 feet in 50 minutes, today she walked 24 feet in about 30 minutes. She was hustling!

At the end of the day, they told Shelli to take a 30-minute break in her wheelchair. I asked if we could play hookey, and after getting permission (which kind of meant we weren’t playing hookey, I guess), Sage and I took Shelli downstairs. We took a tour of the hospital’s cafeteria and went out on the patio, where Shelli had her first breath of fresh air in a week. Fantastic!

When we took Shelli back upstairs, she was definitely done for the day, but it had been a good day!

The rehab staff is great. The first day was kind of tough, but we’ve meshed with them well since! They are kind and encouraging, and seem to enjoy stopping by Shelli’s room to visit. It might be because we have a diffuser going and are using essential oils—the room smells great!

A young CNA dropped in this afternoon, and we chatted about his tours in the Middle East (two in Iraq, one in Afghanistan), his family, and his plans to become a pediatrician. Everyone’s been friendly. . .

And for those who have asked about Kadie, she’s doing great. She’s healing nicely, is receiving some treatment (massage therapy, of course!), and should recover completely as well.

Yep, the sun definitely rose in the East today. I’m sure there are plenty hard days still ahead, but it’s nice to have a good one to share. Your prayers are being felt, things are happening, days like this we can do. . .