Houston, We Had No Problems. . .

Wasn't that a great Leadership?!


Of course, I might be a little partial because I had been looking forward to being with our demonstrators again after way too long, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Houston with our Stampin’ Up! leaders!

From beginning (Managers’ Reception) to end (closing session and customer event), and everything in between, I felt things went great! The Managers’ Reception, held at the Downtown Aquarium was perfect. . . in fact, I think it’s my favorite Managers’ Reception ever.

It was a smaller venue, so we ran into each other often; they promised us hors d'oeuvres, and we got enough food for a meal (I’m always about the food, right?); there were rides and activities and exhibits. . . .It was just a perfect way to start off the event! I even enjoyed seeing the tigers. They seemed a bit out of place at an aquarium, but it worked for me!

And from there we moved onto great main stage presentations, classes, Share Fair, DRC, and a wonderful stamping night. I just thought everything went so smoothly, and I really loved the pace. It felt like there was always something to go and do, but it was never too hectic or chaotic that I felt rushed or stressed.

Of course, a highlight for me was the opening session, when I first walked out on the stage. This was my first contact with our demonstrators, and I immediately started to cry. The love in the room was overwhelming; I’ll never forget it. It was powerful.

Throughout leadership I got lots of hugs and well wishes from demonstrators who were glad that I was feeling well enough to be there, and many asked how I was doing. Great! I did get a little tired, and I have to confess that I had a small meltdown at one point when my tiredness transitioned into exhaustion. But that didn’t last long, and other than being tired, everything else held up great.

Kudos to everyone—all our demonstrators for being there and especially our staff for putting together such a fabulous event!