The Last Ride



Sterling and I headed down south for the last ride of the season, along with a family that we invited to join us. The ride was in gorgeous country—near Bryce Canyon, where we were just a few weeks ago—and the weather was as beautiful as the countryside.  (Until this morning, when we woke up to chilly temperatures and gray skies, but we were OK with that, because we were already planning to head home. We leave tomorrow morning bright and early to Europe for our Inspire. Create. Share event there!)

It was the first ride for the friends we invited—the mom and daughter had been conditioning and were excited to have their first riding adventure! The father and son hung back at the camp with me; they rode bikes while I worked, and one day we met the riders at the vet check for lunch. 

We celebrated Saturday night with a fellow rider who has been riding since 1984 and passed the 60,000-mile milestone--an endurance riding record! All of the riders had dinner together, and Sterling made Dutch Oven potatoes and tri-tip steak. Yummy! And congratulations!

We also celebrated somebody's birthday yesterday with some carrot cupcakes--our friends were sweet to remember!

It was a wonderful long weekend—the perfect way to end the riding season!