First-Ever Sisters' Retreat

Sterling and I returned Sunday from our European convention, and my sisters were at our house—waiting for the fun to begin!

We've never done anything like this before. . . just the three of us getting together to spend some time together. We decided it was about time! Although it was short (less than two full days), it was the only time we could do it in the foreseeable future, and we decided that anything was better nothing.

We didn’t really have an agenda. We spent most of our time simply talking. . . whether we were out shopping or sitting around the living room in our PJs, we were catching up, sharing stories, chatting about our families and life experiences and anything else that came up. We didn’t stay up late—we all agreed we valued our sleep too much for that! And we woke up in the morning without alarms. And when we did wake up, we planned the activities for that day . . . very spontaneous and fun.

The only regret we had was that our time was so short, but we definitely decided that our first-ever sisters’ get-together would be the first of many!