Fun Fall Weekend

We started Saturday off by attending Cooper’s last soccer game. . . so fun to watch him! It was a crisp morning, and we huddled together until the sun came up over the mountain and warmed us up!

Saturday afternoon we went to Seth’s last lacrosse game of the season—again, what a treat to be able to watch him play. We haven’t made it to any of his games, so it was fun to spend some time cheering him on.

Our girls didn’t participate in soccer games and lacrosse games, so while I’ve heard a lot about “soccer moms,” I don’t really know what it means. But when you’re not used to going to multiple games on one day, it was certainly a tiny taste of what so many mothers of kids this age must experience as they spend their Saturdays chauffeuring and cheerleading their children.  We loved being there for the boys—and spending time on the sidelines with other family members.

After the lacrosse game we headed to a dear friend’s house to pick up my traditional birthday cake. For as long as I can remember, Kathy Pitt (an illustrator at Stampin’ Up!) has made me a German chocolate cake for my birthday. Although I assured her I was simply thrilled for one (her cakes are beyond description—I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious they are!), she insisted on making two for our family dinner on Sunday.

We had a wonderful visit with Kathy and Greg (her husband, who also works at Stampin’ Up!), and then we loaded up the car with the cakes PLUS two dozen sugar cookies. There’s only one thing that Kathy makes that are more delicious than her German chocolate cakes and that is her sugar cookies. Ask anyone who works at the home office, and they’ll tell you—she has quite the reputation!

I thanked her profusely, and Sterling and I drove away. We didn’t even get one block before Sterling pulled over to get one of the cookies, and we had to resist the temptation to sneak another one all the way home! And when family arrived on Sunday, I have to admit that one of the cakes already had a missing piece. . .

I also spent some time this weekend reading through a pile of hand-stamped birthday cards that had arrived from Stampin’ Up! employees. Sara dropped them off at the house the night before we left for the European convention. I loved reading each of the sweet messages from dear members of our Stampin’ Up! family.

 I think the birthday celebrations are now officially over. . .it’s been a wonderful month. Thanks to everyone who made it so!