Congratulations, Dawn

Sterling and I, along with Sara and Sean, enjoyed dinner last night with Dawn Griffith, our million-dollar achiever, and her husband Richard. It was the last event of her home office visit, and a perfect way to end the two-day, whirlwind trip celebrating her significant achievement.

It really was a busy couple of days. We kicked things off on Wednesday with the traditional welcome at the home office, where employees greeted Dawn with a standing ovation and then a reception featuring a few of her favorite treats. She and Richard toured the home office, visited with employees, got to help design a stamp set, and hopefully just enjoyed their moment in the spotlight.

Our million-dollar achievers get to choose what they want to do during their home visit, and in the past, most of them have chosen to spend a day with me, which I have absolutely enjoyed! Dawn also wanted to spend some time with me, but her request was a little different—she wanted to film  videos that she could use in her business.

We were happy to oblige! We ended up filming two videos, which made for a busy day yesterday. . . but an enjoyable one! Several others were involved in filming one of the videos, and if it turns out the way it was planned, it will be a FUN video. Dawn will be releasing the videos, so I’m not sure when or where they’ll be available, but I can’t wait to see them!


Dawn and Richard were also here for our traditional home office Halloween celebration, which is always fun. Some of the employees dress up, some bring their children to do cubicle-to-cubicle trick and treating, and we all get together for lunch and other fun festivities. Dawn mentioned how much she enjoyed being part of our home office Halloween—and it was great to have her.