Gardner Girls

In anticipation of our annual Gardner Girls, Shanna flew in on Wednesday night, and before Gardner Girls began on Thursday afternoon, we had a chance to spend a few hours alone, shopping at the Outlets for her twins, grabbing a quick bite to eat, and attending the Draper Temple. 

Afterward, we all met at Sage Leaf Spa where we received a spa treatment, the perfect way to unwind and begin a girls’ weekend together. Then Shanna got to choose where we went for dinner (the first and last night to satisfy her cravings, since she doesn’t live here), so we stopped at Café Rio on our way to the cabin.

Nearly the entire time we spent at the cabin, we were in sweats or jammies, and all we did was work on projects we’d each brought with us (everything from crafting to Christmas cards to work) and visit…and visit some more! It was so relaxing and fun! We slept in both mornings…well, except for Shanna. She woke up earlier than the rest of us on Friday morning and went to the grocery store to “pick up a few things”. 

Shanna insisted (it didn’t take much to convince us!) on cooking breakfast both days and dinner on Friday night. If she were writing this blog post, she would give brilliant descriptions that would delight the imagination and the taste buds, but she’s not, so photos will have to do.

Everything was absolutely delicious! I’m on a unique food program for six weeks, and even though most of what she served was on my list of “foods to avoid”, she was sweet enough to make me my own special versions. We all felt spoiled. In fact, as we ate at Valter’s last night on our way home (after a little shopping, of course!), we all agreed that we’d rather eat her fabulous cooking than eat out at a fancy restaurant any day!


In our family, adult silly faces must be approved before posting, so I couldn't post these next photos until everyone agreed. As Megan said, "It was a funny moment!" It was probably one of those "had to be there" moments, but these photos will make us laugh for years to come.


Although spending time with our girls is always enjoyable, this was my favorite Gardner Girls ever, and I’m already looking forward to next year!