Maui Getaway

Sterling and I were blessed with the opportunity to leave the cold and go to beautiful Maui...just the two of us! Unlike the past several years, when we've purchased trips from a charity event that accommodated up to six people, the trip we purchased last year was for two. While we missed the girls and their spouses, it was nice to be alone too.

Our plans included relaxing and enjoying the weather for four days and four nights. And that's exactly what we did!

One thing that made this getaway different for us was the food. I'm on a special diet for six weeks, so it was a challenge to not eat our usual fare, but thankfully I could eat fish! Longhi's was our favorite restaurant because they were so willing to adjust their menu for me.

There's something about the islands of Hawaii that calm us and keep us going back for more...we think it's mostly the weather. It was warm and sunny with a light breeze...absolutely perfect!