A Day of Thanks

I have moments of giving thanks every day, but today my mind has been occupied with things I'm thankful for, and my heart has been filled with gratitude since I woke up! I have so much to be thankful for...today and every day!

Today I’m especially grateful for a husband who worked in the kitchen for hours (while I worked on my computer nearby) to prepare a delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner for two (the girls and their families are all out of town).  While it would have been much easier to go out to eat, I enjoyed our quiet meal together.

The green beans were sautéed with loads of onions and garlic, the sweet potatoes and cauliflower were oven-roasted with onions and garlic, and the turkey was stuffed with veggies for flavor and basted with orange juice, seasonings, onions, and garlic (notice a trend?). Sterling even made homemade unsweetened cranberry sauce for my turkey! What a sweetie!

I hope your day was happy as you paused to count some of your blessings because there is always something to be grateful for!