Everything's Going To Be Okay

Life is all about change, isn’t it? Even when we don’t want it, we least expect it, or can’t appreciate it, we know change is and will always be a part of life.

And we all manage change in our lives—great or small, negative or positive—differently. Some of us thrive on change and find a way to adjust and move forward quickly. Others dread change and look for any possible way to postpone it. The rest of us fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

For the most part, I’ve always felt that change, generally speaking, is something I accept and even embrace. Looking back over my life, I’ve managed to maneuver through some pretty difficult changes quite well, at least in my opinion. Sterling would probably agree with me. In fact, he’s called me “the move on girl”. When there’s a change to be made, and I know it’s inevitable, I usually make up my mind and move on.

What I’m finding is that the older I get, the slower I am at accepting change gracefully, especially when it’s personal. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, I analyze over and over, hold on to things longer, and grieve more.

I’m beginning to think my attitude toward change needs to change! Until then, I’ll keep repeating my sweetheart’s familiar and comforting words, “Everything’s going to be okay.” They may not be the same, but they’ll be okay.