The Christmas Season

Today marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me. You know I listen to Christmas music throughout the year (when I’m alone), but now it’s publically acceptable to listen to it all month long…love it! I enjoy everything about this time of year from the holiday music, to the smells of cinnamon and cloves, to the lights and festive décor. Most of all, I appreciate the focus on our Savior, his gift to us, and the special time spent with family and loved ones.

I put up our holiday décor this weekend. For as many years as I can remember, I’ve gone all out and decorated in several areas of our home with lots and lots of decorations. This year we decided to simplify and only put out our nine nativities, a few angels, and some garland. Everything looks beautiful, but it’s going to take a little getting used to.

I’ve never thought that all my decorating took away from the spirit of Christ, but it will definitely be easier this year to focus on the reason for the season. In fact, when the Browns came for dinner last night, the first thing Phoebe did was comment on a few of the nativities that she’d never noticed before…probably because many of them were amidst the multitude of other décor. For example, in years past, this buffet and mirror would be covered with decorations…so much so that you could hardly see either piece.

This year will be different in the Gardner home. The focus (visually and in our hearts) will truly be on Christ…as it should be. I’d like to share a gift from me to you on this first day of December...

Hopefully it will help you feel the spirit of Christ during this wonderful Christmas season.