Another Fun Christmas Party

We've been gathering for Grandma Pat's Christmas party for so many years I can't remember when the tradition started. It used to be on a Saturday afternoon, but once the Kanab facility was complete, we started gathering Friday night through Sunday mid-day. It's a fun party we all look forward to every year! While everyone in the family can't always make the party, 72 people attended this year's. 

As usual, the kids ran around and played together, and it was warm enough they could play outside; Mom Pat planned the craft, which was the 25 Days advent boxes found in the Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog; and the Christmas program included Christmas video clips that focused on Christ's birth, the traditional songs, a talent show featuring adorable little ones, and the family slide show...a year in review of sorts. 

What made this year's party different than others? Grandpa Christmas (Grandpa Paul) announced to the children his potential retirement, Vonna was so sick with the flu that we didn't see her until Sunday morning at church, and people seemed to hang around and visit more than usual.

I think everyone agrees that it's a wonderful time of year, especially when you get to spend it with so many people you love!