A Merry Christmas

Our holiday began at Tsunami (a tradition for the last few years) with our family (all except the Bridegans, of course…missed them!) for an early dinner on Christmas Eve.


Then Sterling and I loaded up and headed to the cabin. The snow started to lightly fall on our way and continued during the night, so we woke up to a white Christmas. It was a quiet and relaxing morning…just Sterling and I, opening each other’s gifts and pondering on and visiting about the gifts we wanted to give to Jesus this coming year.


Later in the day, each of the families arrived in their pajamas or sweats in time to help fix a yummy Christmas dinner. Notice the handsome clean up crew…and without being asked or encouraged!

It was a wonderful day enjoyed with family. The only thing that would have made the day better is if the Bridegans were with us. We try to not dwell on the occasional moments of sadness when they can’t join us, and instead focus on our gratitude for Liam’s health, but they still come. I slipped away to have one of those moments when I read Shanna’s text on Christmas morning, “I had a moment to cry, thinking about all of you getting together to cook and visit and enjoying the day and long dinner and evening of chatting together.” Of course we FaceTimed and Shanna sent photos...so grateful for technology!


The morning after Christmas was special as we had a family meeting (including Shanna and Jared over Skype and all the grandchildren) to discuss our philanthropic plans. Up until now, we’ve only involved the adults in the decisions we’ve made, but moving forward, each family will take an active part in our planning. It was rewarding to hear the questions from the teenagers and to feel the energy from everyone, knowing that how we serve and what we give will be more meaningful to all of us.

The rest of our time at the cabin consisted of cousins playing happily, sledding and playing in the snow, table tennis tournaments, reading and napping, scrapbooking and crafting, movies and popcorn, and lots of chatting…a very merry and relaxing Christmas holiday indeed!


I hope your holiday has been and will continue to be filled with the sweet and enduring spirit of Christmas.