A New Adventure in Japan

From the moment we arrived on Tuesday until we departed on Saturday, our experience in Japan was absolutely delightful! The friendly and gracious people, the beautiful and clean surroundings, and the healthy and delicious food exceeded our expectations!

Sterling and I, as well as Donna, took our very first trip to Japan this week for two gatherings with our new demonstrators there. After arriving late and a good night's sleep, we were greeted by Yukiko, our business development manager, who walked with us to the office from the hotel. It was a beautiful day, and we were thrilled to spend it with our coworkers in the Ginza office preparing for the two events on Thursday and Friday.

Although the events were only a few hours long, they were both magical as we witnessed chatting, swapping, and stamping among demonstrators who have just begun their Stampin' Up! adventure in Japan, which opened for business a couple of months ago. We're now in ten countries! I loved meeting and visiting with our demonstrators there and felt such immense gratitude and tender emotion for the opportunity to be part of a company that makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Once the events were over and everything was packed away, we celebrated together at a cozy Italian restaurant (totally not what we expected in Japan, but yummy like all the other food we ate!).

It only rained one evening. The rest of the time was clear and sunny, allowing us to marvel at the never-ending skyline, walk the busy and safe streets of Ginza, and enjoy a stroll through the Hama-rikyu Gardens (just across from our hotel) the morning before we flew home...the perfect way to end our stay!

We're excited for the opportunity to return to Japan, and next time we'll plan to sightsee for a couple of extra days too!