Sleeping Beauty--Ballet Style

Saturday afternoon all the Gardner girls (daughters PLUS granddaughters) who live in state headed to Ballet West’s performance of “Sleeping Beauty.” It was a fabulous performance and a wonderful afternoon!

Utah’s Ballet West always does a great job—we don’t get to the ballet often, but when we do, I really enjoy it. And I was looking forward to sharing the experience with all the girls. We were a little worried that the whole performance (two and a half hours) might be a little long for the younger girls, but they sat quietly and said afterwards that it was fun. (The snacks probably helped. . . )

After the performance was over, we even hung around a little longer for a quick photo op with some of the dancers. That was fun as well, a nice little memento of the evening.

We missed Shanna—she’s our one daughter who actually did ballet, and it would have been fun to have her with us. She Facetimed us as we were leaving the theater though, so we got to share a little bit of the experience with her.

I kept thinking that we would go out to eat before. . . or after. Or sometime, but the whole adventure actually took up most of the afternoon, with driving time and photo ops, and we didn’t get our Gardner Girls lunch/dinner in. Now we have a good excuse to get together again soon!