A Weekend with the Bridegans

Spent a long weekend in Connecticut with the Bridegan family—it was perfect!

Three months was a long time to go without seeing my babies! I know other people go much longer, so I won’t complain, but I was so excited to finally see them. Thankfully we have Facetime, but that’s nothing like snuggles from little ones who want “Up! Up!”

And you can bet that anytime they asked for “Up!” we picked them up!

The weekend was pretty low key. We didn’t do much—went out to eat a couple of times and spent some time at a nearby park; the weather was nicer than we had anticipated.

Sterling and Jared kept busy doing home improvement projects, and I spent a lot of time just visiting with Shanna, reading books on the couch with little ones in my lap, and marveling at how busy those two little bodies are! I’d forgotten how exhausting it is taking care of little ones; if Shanna doesn’t get things done during naptime, it’s not going to get done!

Sterling and I watched the twins on Sunday while Shanna and Jared went to church together—for the first time since they moved. They can’t take Liam to church until the RSV season is past, so they take turns going to church. They were so excited to go together—it was almost like a date!

Liam seems to be doing well. He has a sleep test and a surgical procedure next week that will provide a little more information and let them know if the medication is working. But he looked great, and Jared and Shanna like his doctors. There’s no doubt that they’re where they should be—even if it’s across the country from us!

I was just excited to be with all of them. I cried when we left, but I tried not to let Shanna see. It was so nice to see them; we’ve already planned our trips back to the Bridegans for the rest of the year. I am counting down the days. . . well, it’s actually months, but I know it will go by fast.