An Anniversary Away

So, it’s like this. . .a couple weeks ago, we found out that over our anniversary we have to watch our grandkids. . . .er, I mean, we have the glorious opportunity of spending time with our grandchildren. (There, that’s better, right?) I’m just joking. Sean and Sara are going to be out of town and we volunteered to watch the grandchildren—and I’m looking forward to it!

That said, when I found out that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate on our actual anniversary, I had heard about a Buck Brannaman Training Clinic in Las Vegas, so I suggested to Shelli that that might make a great anniversary weekend. She agreed, so last weekend we headed to Vegas.

The clinic itself was great. I knew a lot of the information that was shared, but it was a valuable refresher for me, and Shelli says she learned a lot. We watched a lot of presentations, and even though some of them didn’t pertain to us (we aren’t necessarily wanting to jump or rope or anything like that), it was still fascinating to watch the talents and skills of the horse trainers who were there.

In addition to the clinic, Shelli and I had a great time just being together. Our first evening, we decided to try the Italian restaurant that was in the casino. I’m pretty sure that in a previous life I was an Italian—I could eat (and HAVE eaten) spaghetti for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Shelli was a little reluctant, noting that in her experience casino food usually leaves a lot to be desired. (Terrible and yucky were a few words that I think she threw out there. . .) We were both pleasantly surprised when they brought the bread out—it was scrumptious. The bruschetta came next, also scrumptious!  By the time the main course was served (spaghetti for me, of course, and chicken marsala for Shelli) we were both already full of bread but eager to check it out. We weren’t disappointed—it was just as delicious!

We were so full, we couldn’t finish our meal, but we also couldn’t refuse the dessert they claimed was “the best”—wild cherry ice cream. Once again, it lived up to its reputation. We ended up going back there again a second time, it was that good!

As is often the case, we ran into a demonstrator who recognized Shelli, so I took a photo or two of them together. We also decided to spend one evening visiting an aquarium on the strip. We got a little turned around and landed at the wrong casino—along with thousands of other people! We realized it was Super Bowl weekend and also realized we weren’t really interested in fighting the crowds, so we went back to the hotel. Good thing we enjoy each others’ company!

On Sunday, we went to Boulder City to attend church with family, and enjoyed spending much of the day with them. It’s always nice to see them and get caught up. On Monday we headed home—and actually made it after three flight delays! That didn’t dampen our spirits though. . . the weekend was great, and Shelli was a good sport to spend our anniversary celebration at a horse training event!  (Of course, she got me back by making me blog, so it all evens out, right?)