A Tender Day

I had planned to post a project idea this morning on my blog, but as the day unfolded, I knew that I had to do something different. Today has been a tender day as I’ve watched from the sidelines as an entire community—and beyond—have reached out to love and support a 13-year-old girl, the granddaughter of my sister, Leslie.

Jayci lives in Kanab and was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer last year. She has spent the last year fighting for her life, and experiencing the terrible ups and downs that come with that. (Her mother has shared their story here.)This week the doctors told her and her family that they had done everything they could. . . Jayci’s cancer is terminal. They told Heather and Coby (Jayci’s parents) to take their daughter home and enjoy as much as possible the time she has left.

Heather and Jayci left Primary Children’s Hospital today and headed home to Kanab. Leslie reported that local policemen had been told they were coming home, and about 70 miles outside of Kanab, Heather and Jayci were joined by a police escort.  As they entered town, they were greeted by people lining the streets, holding banners and waving and cheering for Jayci. Schools had been dismissed (Heather is a schoolteacher, so are both of her parents, as well as Leslie), and everyone was out in full force, showing their support and love.

The community has been so supportive throughout the past year, holding fundraisers and reaching out to Jayci and her family in so many different ways. I have been amazed—but not surprised. That’s what the people in Kanab do. . .that’s why I love that place so much.

My heart goes out to sweet Jayci and her family; we are praying for them in the coming days. I invite you to join us in sending prayers and loving thoughts their way. . .