The Museum of Natural Curiosity

I love Thanksgiving Point—I’ve mentioned it in several of my posts. In the spirit of being transparent, I should mention that I’m on the Thanksgiving Point board of advisors and Brick Canvas is located at Thanksgiving Point, but those opportunities came about because I loved Thanksgiving Point to begin with.

So last fall we were invited to attend a fundraising gala for Thanksgiving Point’s most recent “attraction”—the Museum of Natural Curiosity. I’d heard about this fascinating museum for several years and have been supportive of the effort, so when one of the options at the gala was to purchase tickets for a pre-grand opening event, we purchased enough for everyone in the family who could to attend.

The event was held this weekend, and it was every bit as amazing as they’ve said it would be! We had kids of all ages—including the grownups—trying out all sorts of fun, hands-on experiences. The teenagers loved the ropes course, we couldn’t get Makai out of the “crashed” airplane, and Phoebe was running around doing so many things that her face was actually red from excitement and exertion. And that was only the beginning! It really is an incredible place, and I’m pretty excited that it’s so close to home. I’m sure this trip will be the first of many visits our family will take. . .