Hoops Are Closer

Jason and Sage have been talking about moving closer to us for quite awhile, and guess what? Last week they did it!

Of course, I realize that they were already closer than many people’s children. . . about 25 minutes away. And I was grateful to have them that close, but I have to admit, having them only 5 minutes away is even better!

They’ve known they were going to move for a while, and so they’ve been saving money. Most of their furniture was hand-me-downs, handed down several times. So they’ve been planning to get a few new things. Furniture was a little sparse in their new home for the first few days. . .

I was thrilled when Sage asked me last week if I wanted to go shopping with her. Are you kidding? Of course! The first time we went was a bit discouraging; we didn’t find anything she liked. But we went a couple more times and had a little more success. There are still a few things left to get, but they’ve got a good start.

The kids are having fun. They love playing with their cousins more often. Every time they get in the car, they ask Sage to clock how long it takes to get to their cousins’ house or to our house or to wherever they’re going. They’ve got it down to minutes and seconds—we’re five minutes and 5 seconds away, in case you’re wondering. And although it’s just been over a week, already we’re enjoying seeing them a little bit more.

I can tell this is going to be awesome!