A Weekend Full of Family

We had a wonderful weekend full of family. My niece (Kurt and Joni’s daughter) is getting married in April, and her shower was this weekend.

Alli’s sister Katie did most of the planning, so all we really did was provide the place, and then had lots of fun when everyone arrived. Joni and her daughters arrived on Friday evening to set up; the theme was “A Perfect Pair,” and the decorations, prizes, and favors were all adorable. As is the couple!

The shower was perfect. Mom Pat was there, along with several extended family members, plus all the Gardner girls who could make it. A lot of Jordan’s family came too (Jordan is Alli’s fiancé), so it was fun to meet them.

And the fun didn’t stop when the shower ended. We spent the next several hours working on decorations for the reception (which will be at Brick Canvas, yay!)l I so enjoyed just sitting around, chatting with family and creating.  

Sunday dinner included all of our girls’ families, except Shanna’s (miss you guys!), including family who was still here from the shower. It really was a fabulous weekend.