An Evening with My Friends

I spend hours a week with members of our corporate team in a conference room, but we don’t spend much time outside of the office. Yet these people are dear friends. . . so who better to spend an evening socializing with, right? Along with their spouses, of course!

Last night we did exactly that and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that I completely forgot to take pictures! I almost left my phone in the car (didn’t want to be interrupted by any calls), but I told Sterling, “Nope, I better take it in because I definitely want pictures!”

Then we got inside, started helping out with dinner (the food was delicious!) and visiting with people and didn’t even think about taking a picture until we were on the way home! I was bummed, but it’s certainly an indication of how fun the evening was! We did miss Chad and his wife (he wasn’t feeling well), but everyone else came and I loved spending time with them in a different environment. In fact, we had so much fun that we’ve already got the next get-together planned and on the calendar!

Thanks, Pam and Chris, for your hospitality, and thanks to the fabulous people I work with!