Southern Utah Weekend

I’m blogging a little later than I had planned about this weekend, but I wanted to talk about it. As I mentioned earlier, our family went down to southern Utah for the weekend. Originally our plans were to attend the annual Fire & Ice gala for Dixie College; Megan has been on the board there for 10 years (this is her last year), so we’ve made a tradition of attending this formal event to support her and Mom Pat, who also works on this particular event.

Usually just the couples go down, but this year those who could go also took their children. We rented two condos close to each other and planned to have a family weekend together in St. George.

The Fire & Ice gala went well; it was a nice event, and Megan and Mom Pat both did great!

We spent much of Saturday in Kanab, attending Jayci’s funeral and luncheon, and showing our support and love for my sister and her family. It was one of the sweetest funerals I’ve ever attended; both of Jayci’s parents spoke, as well as one of her grandparents. We laughed and cried and enjoyed getting to know this amazing teenager a little bit better and understanding the powerful influence she had, not just on her family but on so many other people as well. It was inspiring to hear about the strength that God gives people to help us do things that seem impossible, as well as see the commitments this family has made to live so that they can be with Jayci again.

The luncheon afterwards was huge—our family is pretty big, and there were a lot of people there! It was nice to visit and hug and provide (and feel) the support that comes from each other.

We headed back to St. George Saturday afternoon and spent the evening relaxing and enjoying each others’ company. On Sunday we went to church and then caravanned home. The weekend didn’t end up going the way we had originally planned, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.